Sky Power partners with UAV Navigation

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German UAV engine manufacturer Sky Power has announced a new partnership with UAV Navigation.

This new collaboration allows the integration of its two-stroke and Wankel engines with UAV Navigation’s Flight Control Solutions.

Both systems can now be used in one UAS platform.

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UAV Navigation, based in Spain, is the creator of VECTOR autopilot and ground control station software Visionair.

In tandem with this technology, Sky Power claims that users can now get the most out of its ECU030 two-stroke engine management system, and the Wankel equivalent ECU080.

The ECU helps reduce fuel consumption by adapting the fuel blend to environmental factors like air pressure and external temperature.

An automatic choke function is also built in, while all engine data can be monitored by PC.

Sky Power unveiled its new heavy fuel engine earlier this year. Read Commercial Drone Professional‘s coverage below:

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