Skyborg program seeks industry input for AI initiative


The Skyborg program has confirmed it is seeking industry input for its artificial initiative strategy.

The request comes as part of the wider program which the Air Force office of Strategic Development Planning and Experimentation has been working on.

The office has been fielding a prototype autonomous, unmanned combat air vehicle as an ‘early operational capability’ which could be ready early as 2023.

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Ben Tran, Skyborg program manager, said: “We’ve been given the overall objective to have an early operational capability prototype fielded by the end of 2023, so this is our first step in determining what the current state of the art is from a technology perspective and from a systems engineering perspective to provide that EOC capability in 2023.”

By conducting market research and analysing current commercial operations, the program hopes to gather further insight into drone AI technology.

“We also know there is heavy investment by our near-peer adversaries in artificial intelligence and autonomy in general,” adds Tran.

“We know that when you couple autonomy and AI with systems like low-cost attritables, that can increase capability significantly and be a force multiplier for our Air Force and so the 2023 goal line is our attempt at bringing something to bear in a relatively quick time frame to show that we can bring that kind of capability to the fight.”

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