Skycorp doubles flying time of Europe’s first hydrogen powered drone

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Skycorp has doubled the maximum flight times of e-Drone Zero, Europe’s first hydrogen powered drone.

By using an ultra-lightweight AMS Composite gas cylinder, the firm has managed to increase the flight time to two hours.

The extended range was achieved by swapping the original 1.5L cylinder, which weighed around 1kg, for the new 3L carbon composite cylinder.

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The new cylinder is one of the lightest cylinders of its kind while still providing double the gas capacity of the previous e-Drone Zero cylinder.

It has increased the overall system weight by 600g.

Commenting, Marek Alliksoo, CEO at Skycorp, said: “e-Drone Zero utilises the latest hydrogen fuel cell and AI systems to deliver a huge step change in drone performance – improvements that simply can’t be achieved using today’s lithium-ion battery technology.”

He added: “When it comes to powered flight, every gram matters, and we’re always looking for ways to streamline the design. Hydrogen fuel cell systems provide significant advantages in terms of power to weight ratios and using AMS cylinders helps to compound these benefits. Switching to the new AMS cylinders has provided a huge increase in the hydrogen capacity per kilo, enabling e-Drone Zero to fly significantly further and carry heavier loads.”

Skycorp is exhibiting the e-Drone Zero at this year’s AUVSI Xponential.

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