Skydio appoints former mobile phone president as its new COO


Tech exec Tom Moss has taken to LinkedIn to wave goodbye to mobile phones and hello to drones in his latest career move.

Moss worked as senior vice president and general manager of mobile at Razer before his move to the Californian-based drone company.

In his LinkedIn announcement, Moss detailed how it was Skydio’s focus on autonomous flight that tempted him to make the move.

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He said: “Unlike all the other drones that you have to fly with a remote control and sooner or later crash, Skydio drones fly themselves thanks to the work of an amazing team of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision pioneers.

He added: “The bet here is that just like you can divide phones into the pre-2007 period, different levels of dumb phones, and the post 2007 era, smartphones, drones are still in the dumb stage. Autonomy is the thing that will revolutionise them, enabling ubiquitous deployment of small smart drones capable of doing a wide variety of helpful tasks – flying computers.”

Last week, CDP reported on how the Skydio-R1 could now be piloted using an Apple Watch.

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Self-flying Skydio R1 can now be piloted using an Apple Watch

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