Skydio outlines “immense respect” for DJI as its new drone challenges the Mavic market


Skydio has released the Skydio 2 drone, a new product expected to challenge DJI’s Mavic on the market.

As part of the new product’s correspondence, Skydio detailed that although it has “immense respect for DJI and the products they create,” it believes “the industry as a whole is not healthy.”

The Sky report continued: “The current generation of manually flown drones haven’t delivered on the ideas that have gotten so many of us excited about drones over the last few years. They claim to have autonomy capabilities but it’s still a “gee whiz” side feature, not a trustworthy part of the core experience.”

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The new Skydio 2 is therefore being dubbed by its manufacturer as “the most advanced AI on the planet.”

It has a 4k60 HDR camera, an autonomous speed of 36mph, 23 minute battery life, a 3-axis gimbal, is 50% quieter and has a range of 3.5km.

Skydio said: “We want drones that are accessible, useful, and dependable. We want drones that can autonomously collect the data that keep our infrastructure humming and keep us safe, without needing the constant attention of a pilot. And we want to challenge the myth that an American company can’t build a superior drone.”

In a bid to become more accessible, the Skydio 2 can be controlled by either the Skybeacon, from an iOS or Android app or from a handheld controller.

In launching the product, Skydio has also partnered with DroneDeploy to allow its users to “fly with confidence in challenging environments, get closer to what you want to capture for unparalleled detail in your maps.”

It concluded saying: “Over the next few months you’ll see Skydio 2 in the hands of first responders saving lives, you’ll see it get new skills that let it inspect structures of all shapes and sizes, and you’ll see it integrated into fully autonomous work flows.”

Priced at $999, the Skydio 2 is available now.

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