SkyEcho Portable ADS-B IN/OUT by uAvionix gets Aussie approval


uAvionix has confirmed that the SkyEcho portable ADS-B transceiver has been accepted by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) of Australia as an approved Electronic Conspicuity (EC) Device.

Under this approval, SkyEcho can be used in VFR aircraft under FL290 as an enhancement to “See and Be Seen”.

SkyEcho is the world’s first commercially available portable ADS-B IN and OUT system. Complete with an integrated TSO certified SBAS GPS and barometric altimeter, SkyEcho transmits aircraft location, altitude, and identification via 1090MHz ADS-B, enabling visibility nearby aircraft and Air Traffic Control (ATC) equipped with an ADS-B receiver.

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In Australia, the integrated ADS-B IN receiver connects wirelessly to your favorite Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) application adhering to an industry-standard protocol for ADS-B traffic – including OzRunways and AvPlan EFB.

Under the Australian Government’s Civil Aviation Order 20.18 Amendment, new standards have been published to encourage voluntary use of ADS-B OUT systems on Visual Flight Rules (VFR) aircraft.

The aim of the amendment is to reduce the costs of installing air-to-air surveillance technology in VFR aircraft with a view to enhancing the basic VFR safety principle of “see and avoid.”

In addition to the approval of EC devices like SkyEcho, the use of non-certified ADS-B enabled transponders like tailBeaconX – EXP is permitted on experimental and light sport aircraft (LSA).

The United Kingdom (UK) Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) was the first to develop and deploy the concept of Electronic Conspicuity as a means to reduce the risk of mid-air collision. SkyEcho’s success in the UK has now led to the concept’s expansion Down Under.

Christian Ramsey, president at uAvionix, said: “We’ve been working with CASA for over two years on this effort. We are thrilled with CASA’s progress and recognition of the benefits of ADS-B to all airspace users.”

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