Skygauge leads the way with post-COVID industrial inspection drones


Canadian company Skygauge Robotics is claiming to have ‘reinvented the drone’ in a bid to corner the ever-growing market for industrial inspection UAVs.

Demand for industrial inspection drones has risen in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic in a bid to aid social distancing efforts.

Skygauge claims that while most UAVs perform only surface-level inspections, its product can perform a wider range of tasks resulting in a more complete review of a structure or site.

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It hopes its drone will reduce costs, minimise human involvement, and make work safer.

A statement from the company reads: “The Skygauge has a novel design which contacts pipes, pressure vessels, and storage containers to detect cracks beneath the surface with sensors.

“Currently, these inspections are expensive and time consuming because they’re performed by workers on ropes and scaffolding.

“Using the Skygauge, a team of two inspectors can complete a two-week job in two days, reducing time on site by 80%.”

After filling its early adopter client list, Skygauge is now looking ahead to pre-orders for 2021 and its commercial launch.

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