SkyLIFE set for disaster relief airdrop tech demonstration


SkyLIFE, a pioneer in airdrop technology for humanitarian aid and disaster relief, announced its SkyPACK will be featured at Cobra Gold 2020 in Thailand. 

Co-hosted by the Royal Thai and U.S. Armed Forces, Cobra Gold represents the world’s largest joint military exercise. 

SkyLIFE will demonstrate its SkyPACK airdrop technology by dispersing 5,000 SkyPACK, via drones and helicopters, in simulated flood, earthquake and fire disaster responses.

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The airdrops are designed to deliver/distribute aid aerially in the immediate aftermath of disaster, bypassing obstacles to aid delivery such as damaged airports, ports and roads or hostile ground conditions.

Each SkyPACK carries up to 10oz of aid, including water, food and medicine.

Jeffrey Potter, CEO of SkyLIFE Global, said: “SkyLIFE was formed to provide the Humanitarian Aid community ways to quickly reach – often within critical hours – disaster victims that traditional disaster response cannot.

Adding: “SkyPACK™ compliment other forms of aid delivery, it is the new standard of care in disaster response.”

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  1. SkyLIFE would like to become the new standard of care for disaster response in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. SkyLIFE airdrops should be employed in disaster until traditional forms of delivery can be made. SkyLIFE has been operating in South Sudan since 2016. SkyLIFE would like to expand its program to other areas and disaster responses where airdrop of aid can ease suffering and save lives.

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