SkyOp seals the deal on taking drone training STEM curriculum into schools


SkyOp has been awarded a cooperative purchasing contract to make its Drone Training Curriculum available to local school districts through the New York Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES).

Under the state-wide agreement, SkyOp will deliver its proprietary workforce-development STEM curriculum directly to local districts while the BOCES will provide support and training for teachers and district staff to roll out the curriculum.

Eliminating much of the financial concern for budget-conscious school boards, the cooperative agreement enables school districts to receive funds from the state (BOCES aid) for purchases made through the program based on the state approved formula.

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Brian Pitre, SkyOp chairman of the board, said: “BOCES actually changed my life, so I know first-hand the affects that programs like this can have on students’ lives, and I see an opportunity to change the career trajectory for students across the country.”

He continued: “In high school I was a bit of a lost student until a teacher recommended me for a data processing curriculum made possible through BOCES. I fell in love instantly, became the top student in my class, and now I have BOCES to thank for my 52 years in the technology industry.”

The course will include an intro into drones, Part 107 test prep, hands-on flight training, drone photo and video production, intro to autonomous apps and a Pix4D introduction.

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