SkyPatriot debuts in Japan with new distributor Carciel


Rinicom’s drone detection system SkyPatriot is now available in Japan after it was announced the company had partnered with distributor Carciel.

Carciel, which supplies Japanese government bodies like the National Police Agency and the Ministry of Defence, becomes the first Japanese company to gain reselling rights for the SkyPatriot system.

Rinicom is a UK-based company specialising in communication and detection systems for law enforcement agencies and critical civilian infrastructure protection facilities.

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SkyPatriot detects and then classifies rogue UAVs visually, and is also in use by the likes of L3, Telespazio and Operational Systems.

Dr Kohei Ando, CEO & president of Carciel, said: “Finally we have found a standalone optical drone detection system. Carciel consults directly with the Japanese MoD, National Police Agency and major airports to help with the fight against rogue drones.

“Drone threats in Japan have been on the rise since 2016 when a drone carrying a chemical payload was found on the prime ministerial residence’s rooftop. Since then, drone detection has been on the agenda for many of our major clients.

“The SkyPatriot lineup of products is modular, user friendly and affordable compared with most other detection sensors. The system also has state-of-the-art AI built-in and can work with commercially available CCTV/PTZ cameras.

“We are so happy to have found Rinicom’s SkyPatriot solution and we aim to use it not just as a standalone offering, but also as an integrated system with other detection sensors we supply.”

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