Skyports and CAA to trial revolutionary BVLOS flights in shared airspace


Skyports has joined the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) ‘Regulatory Sandbox’, in which it will trial beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) flights in non-segregated airspace.

Making BVLOS drone flights safe within shared airspace is crucial if permanent drone deliveries are to become widely accepted and available.

The Regulatory Sandbox is a programme established by the UK CAA to create an environment where innovation in aviation can be explored in line with CAA core principles of safety, security and consumer protection.

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Skyports specialises in operating end-to-end drone deliveries within the medical, e-commerce and logistics sectors.

Its CEO Duncan Walker commented: “Using drone deliveries within supply chains can create significant time and cost savings. The current COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the role that unmanned aircraft applications can play in keeping the flow of goods moving, especially medical products, limiting human contact and supplying hard-to-reach communities.

“A critical step in enabling permanent drone delivery operations is being able to operate out of sight of the remote pilot in airspace used by others.

“Through this game-changing partnership with the CAA, we will be trialling the integration of our technologically-advanced unmanned aircraft in this shared airspace to demonstrate that our drone deliveries can be operated safely alongside other aircraft.”

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