SkyX drone completes 100km mission for oil and gas market


SkyX Systems Corporation, the Canadian leader in long-range unmanned aerial monitoring and data collection, has announced it has successfully completed an unmanned data collection flight over 100km, one of the longest journeys in its class.

Taking place in Mexico, the firm successfully flew its SkyOne unmanned aerial vehicle on an autonomous data mission over more than 100km of gas pipeline in Mexico. The robotic flight was programmed and monitored remotely from the company’s Greater Toronto Area SkyCenter mission control, with a support crew of engineers on the ground in Mexico.

Using high-resolution imagery, the longest of multiple flights identified more than 200 potentially significant anomalies along the remote pipeline, ranging from unauthorized buildings and cultivation, through to a fissure possibly caused by seismic activity.

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“This mission was groundbreaking,” said SkyX founder and CEO Didi Horn. “We have proven our solution in a rugged environment which presented network communications challenges. Our Mexican partner was stunned not only by our results, but by the speed and accuracy with which we delivered them.”

The flight covered over 100km during the flight and gathered data in a little more than an hour, that otherwise would have taken a manned mission over a week, and identified more than 200 geo-referenced anomalies the customer was unaware existed, pinpointing precise coordinates for rapid investigation and remediation.

According to the monitoring firm, the mission positions SkyX as the leading solution for cost-effective monitoring of oil and gas pipelines and other long-range infrastructure.

“More than $38bn (£28bn) is spent annually monitoring oil and gas pipelines using less efficient means, which often identify problems only long after they’ve occurred. SkyX brings an unprecedented value proposition to this global issue,” added Horn.

SkyX is currently finalising a second round of financing, providing a cutting-edge opportunity for investors. The company has gathered 25% of its targeted funding.

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