SkyX sets sights on Canadian BVLOS operations


SkyX Systems has received regulatory guidance for performing beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) operations in Canada.

Beginning this year, Transport Canada plans on expanding pilot projects to develop and implement performance-based standards for RPAS operating BVLOS under low risk conditions.

SkyX has been working closely with Transport Canada, including trial flights on Salt Spring Island to demonstrate to regulatory authorities that drones can safely operate in Canadian airspace autonomously and BVLOS.

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SkyX pilot certifications allow for Basic and Advanced Operations in Canadian airspace.

According to the roadmap, SkyX BVLOS missions are on track to be approved in 2019 in isolated areas and uncontrolled airspace.

Didi Horn, SkyX founder and CEO, said: “As the industry develops innovative ways to reduce the level of human interaction beyond that of supervised autonomy and remote autonomy, the need for permissible regulations which recognize the enhanced capabilities of computer systems to support BVLOS operations is becoming increasingly urgent.”

Adding: “We’re excited to continue our work with Transport Canada and look forward to a clearer regulatory framework for BVLOS. The implementation of consistent standards and practices will empower operators and manufacturers to further leverage solutions to challenges unique to Canadian geography, climate, and regulatory structure.”

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