Soldiers using drones to kill will receive ethical lessons by trained army chaplains

Military drone

Soldiers in the British Army who use drones to carry out strikes miles away are set to receive morality lessons from trained army chaplains.

The chaplains will study a master’s degree at Cardiff University so they can provide guidance to drone pilots on the moral dilemmas that come with killing an enemy on the other side of the world.

Officials have become concerned about how drone pilots feel when committing attacks from such a distance, as there is a risk they are more likely to use deadly force if they are working on a computer-like screen.

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Reverend David Coulter, chaplain-general, told The Times: “It’s very different in asymmetric warfare when people are going to work flying drones and then going back to their families in the evening.”

He added: “They’re not deploying overseas and disappearing for months on end. So that brings a very interesting dynamic pastorally as well as professionally.”

Currently in the UK, RAF Reaper drones are controlled from RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire.

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