Sony launches drone-mounted sensing unit for crop management


Sony has introduced a new agriculture solution for crop management.

It employs sensor fusion and fast stitching technology and consists of a newly developed drone-mounted multi-spectral sensing unit and Fast Field Analyser.

The solution allows for daily crop management and monitoring through the capture, collection, and analysis of data in the field.

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Sony says it enables in-the-field operation without a network connection, unlike conventional networked methods.

The multi-spectral sensing unit carries a dual sensor camera unit and an accurate geolocation sensing unit and can be mounted on a drone to capture normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI) and RGB imagery in a single flight.

During a flight, Sony claims the sensing unit will obtain highly accurate geolocation, altitude and posture information leveraged by Sony’s algorithm and real-time processor.

It requires less overlapped images, and consequently, it increases a single flight’s efficiency with a wider coverage area, enabling drones to gather 300-400 images covering a maximum range of 160 acres.

Developers hope the additional insights will offer growers the ability to easily oversee and manage the progress of their crops, allowing them to observe the growth and health, and make decisions and take actions on the spot to increase productivity and efficiency.

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