Sony updates Smart Agriculture Solution, adds online training academy and webinars


Sony is showing its support to the agriculture industry by updating its agriculture drone technology, the Smart Agriculture Solution.

It has also added an online training academy, with a library of training videos, as well as announcing that it will host webinars.

The Smart Agriculture Solution launched in 2019. It is comprised of a drone-mounted multispectral sensing unit and Fast Field Analyzer image analytics software for in-the-field crop management, monitoring and insights.

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Sony said that its regular software updates ensure the product continues to evolve by expanding its capabilities and functionality.

Version 2.1, enables native prescription creation, which provides additional information to users and supports end-to-end workflow.

This advancement allows users to use the latest information from the field to make quick and informed in-season nitrogen and pesticide application decisions.

The update also improves the system’s compatibility with additional drone models.

Meanwhile, the online training academy includes on-demand videos on topics like field installation and preparation, on-site flight operation, and data capture and processing.

Its webinars will be archived after they air live, and include titles such as ‘Optimize Nitrogen Application Rates by Peterson Farms Seed’. They take place every Wednesday.

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