South Korea set to welcome drone deliveries


Drone delivery to remote areas is expected to be commercialised in South Korea by 2021.

Drone company PABLO AIR plans to remove the need for deliveries by more traditional means.

It hopes to replace to use of manned planes and boats with the more efficient drone technology it manufactures.

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It will take over existing deliveries from the city of Incheon, delivering to remote mountainous and island communities.

It system uses vertical takeoff and landing drones based on drone swarm technology, and PABLO AIR has already demonstrated Korea’s first long-range drone flights.

Next year it is planning to make a 50-kilometer test flight from Incheon Port to Jawoldo and Ijakdo islands, in Woongjin County.

A spokesperson said, “With its airport, ports, industrial complexes, and free economic zone, Incheon is well-suited for the development of demand for logistics drones and demonstration of the technology.

“We aim to fill in the logistics void in island regions by utilising Incheon Port’s logistics infrastructure and drone technology.”

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