Southampton-based Motion Robotics launches three new drones with innovative motor tech


Motion Robotics has unveiled three new products, two aerial drones and one land drone.

The firm has been developing the technologies for the past two years, with a high percentage of the R&D costs having been supported by the UK Government Innovate programme.

The firm’s CTO, Dr Dennis Majoe has been particularly pleased with the development of a new electrical motor for the devices.

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Aiming to surpass current motor technologies, the Motion Robotics team came up with what is called a Circumferential Flux Motor (CFM) to do so.

Discussing the CFM, Dr Majoe said: “The CFM design scales up very well, so that while the benefits of its use in smaller drones is the same as existing motors when used in larger drones above the 2KWatt level, the CFM has full superiority.”

He added: “It has a higher leverage design, similar to axial motors providing higher torque at size. However, apart from that, the axial and flux designs do not compare. As there are no steel laminations the CFM is lighter, has low high-frequency inductance and exhibits zero cogging. This also means the motor has zero eddy current loss and smoother performance.”

Exhibiting the drones at this year’s UK Drone Show at the NEC in Birmingham, they showcased two aerial drones; a Quadcopter with two 28” ducted fans and a large bi-copter with two 40” ducted fans.

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