Starship Technologies embarks on ground-based automated UK robot delivery service


San Francisco-based company Starship Technologies has introduced its robot delivery service in Milton Keynes.

People living in the area will be able to get parcels delivered to a robot depot and will then be notified when the ground-based drone delivers to their door.

As part of the move, the firm has teamed up with Co-op to offer a grocery delivery service as well.

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According to a report from the BBC, residents wanting to use the service may do say via a mobile app.

It works via a subscription service which allows users to pay £7.99 per month for an unlimited amount of deliveries.

The same report goes on to describe how the robots will travel along pavements and cross streets and have been equipped with 10 cameras, ultrasound sensors, radar, and GPS.

The devices are able to see 360 degrees and have a ‘situational awareness bubble’ around them to detect and avoid any obstacles.

They can also use sophisticated computer vision and software to identify objects such as cars, pedestrians, traffic lights and pavements and adapt accordingly.

Automated delivery service in this way, if it goes well, could have implications for the aerial drone industry which is currently doing its best to make progress in the market.

However, some leaders in the industry think passenger drones could come before cargo delivery.

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