Startupstaging’s ‘drone tracks’ development to make cheap shipping a reality


Startupstaging has developed ‘drone tracks’ with aim to make one US dollar shipping a reality.

The startup, located at East Stroudsburg University Innovation Centre, close to New York, is hoping the idea can eliminate the current risks surrounding the use of drones for delivery.

The system uses a hook mechanism to attach the drone to the rail so it cannot disengage during malfunctions or inclement weather.

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Like roads for cars, the system creates consistent and predictable flight paths allowing for safer and easier organisation.

Additionally, the electrified tracks can charge the drones meaning they can stay constantly charged and travel longer distances.

This news follows the announcement on Friday that Donald Trump would authorise the bill that requires the FAA to write new rules to allow commercial drones to deliver packages.

Read more on how the same bill gives US authorities power to shoot down malicious drones here:

BREAKING NEWS: Trump to sign drone shoot-down authorisation bill

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