Strat Aero undergoes name change to reflect its new business focus


Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) is the new name of the UAV surveying, inspection and monitoring company formerly called Strat Aero.

The name change takes place from today and has been brought in to “better reflect the current and future focus of the business”.

The firm’s website address has changed accordingly and a new site is currently under development.

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RMS has placed a strong focus on developing its survey and inspection business.

It recently spent on £250,000 on acquiring majority ownership of GyroMetric Systems Limited, which develops and manufactures digital monitoring and safeguarding systems for rotating shafts.

A statement on RMS’s website said it is also “implementing an enhanced growth strategy via the appraisal of complementary acquisition or investment opportunities”.

This is in line with the company’s objective to achieve improved financial performance in the short term.

In January the founder and two senior executives of RMS, then called Strat Aero, departed the company following its decision to withdraw its training service.

At the time, Trevor Brown, executive director, said he was confident that the changes would mean a “reinvigorated board” for the company, able to deliver shareholder value “from a significantly reduced cost base”.

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