Swarms of buzzing drones could soon be used to pollinate farms of the future


New technology means drones could soon be programmed to pollinate urban vertical farms, mimicking the work of bees.

The DelFly nimble was inspired by fruit flies and features clear, thin wings to help the drone work in a tight working environment.

According to the Evening Standard, the remote controlled device was shown off by students at Delft University of Technology’s Robo House in the Netherlands.

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Its designers are now working to add an autonomous flight capability in addition to a feature which would allow the drone to pollinate plants.

The team involved in the project was keen to look at the use of drones in vertical urban greenhouses.

The Evening Standard report went on to describe how drones are already used to monitor large Dutch indoor farms, such as Koppert Cress in Monster, where herb and salad plants are grown under LED light for export to the UK.

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