Swiss Army selects Parrot for micro-drone supply

Parrot has been chosen to equip the Swiss Armed Forces with micro-drones as part of the “Swiss Mini UAV Program” call for tender against major civilian UAV players.

Announcing the news, Parrot says its expertise in professional drones, the performance of its solutions dedicated to Defence and Security, and the high level of cyber security required by the Swiss armed forces were decisive assets in the final choice.

The call for tender launched at the beginning of 2019 by armasuisse, the federal procurement agency responsible for the Swiss Armed Forces.

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It is intended to get the right cost-effective training aids for the troops to become familiar with Mini UAV operations.

Product specifications, quantities and prices are not disclosed.

The Parrot Group said the structuring project marks a new step forward for the firm in the field of security and defence on which the group has been working since 2018.

On this occasion, the group will be working with its subsidiary senseFly, which will be in charge of operational support in Switzerland.

Although the financial impact of this project will not be significant on the group’s results, Parrot said the new contract underlines the quality of the technological innovations developed by Parrot and its position in the civil drone market.

It adds up to the development contract signed with the United States Army in May 2019 for the new generation of compact drones, dedicated to the surveillance of the SRR (Short Range Reconnaissance) program.

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  1. Sweet, I can’t WAIT to militarize and arm my Bebop 2 once we see the kit. I mean, with that stone cold killa model name they gave it, prolly wouldn’t ever need to use weapons. Just strike fear in the heart of the enemy with a psy-ops campaign announcing they were all going to be removed from the battlefield, and done so by a savage fleet of Bebop 2s…

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