Tactical Robotics Partners with Adama to bring farming to new heights

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Tactical Robotics, an Israeli aerospace company, has partnered with Adama, a global crop protection company, in a joint feasibility study for a high-payload, UAV for aerial spraying.

Tactical Robotics has developed the Cormorant, a multi-role, compact, high payload, unmanned VTOL aircraft with “unique” capabilities.

The Cormorant can carry an effective payload of more than 500 KG – up to 764 KG including fuel – and it does not require an airstrip and can be transported by truck.

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The model has been described as a “versatile” UAV platform which is capable of performing multiple tasks, ranging from logistics and cargo services to fire-fighting and aerial spraying.

As part of the collaboration, Adama and Tactical Robotics will work together to develop the Ag-Cormorant, an “innovative solution” for aerial spraying.

Dani Harari, SVP strategy and resources at Adama, said “We believe that the Ag-Cormorant represents a new and improved method for aerial application and see the future potential of leveraging Adama’s crop protection portfolio in combination with its unique capabilities.

“We aim to continue providing these and other valuable services and products to enable farmers to optimise yields and help them grow.”

Rafi Yoeli, CEO of Tactical Robotics, said “When Adama approached us with their insights about the potential for Cormorant to answer some of the most pressing needs in the Ag sector we were extremely impressed by the Adama’s forward thinking and innovative spirit.

“Cormorant’s unique capabilities offer solutions to challenges in a variety of sectors and Adama’s participation and vision are an important contribution to a valuable application for our Cormorant UAV.”

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