Taranis introduces enhanced farming insights aerial imagery platform


Taranis has launched its updated, insights centred platform for farming and agriculture.

As part of the move, the firm has also expanded its fleet to over one hundred manned aircraft and autonomous drones to increase its reach for customers worldwide.

Taranis says the platform has been developed to offer aerial imagery insights for agriculture by utilising deep-learning technology combined with high-speed UAVs and manned aircraft.

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The tech allows farmers to predict and prevent threats to over 20m acres of crops on a granular level, such as identifying an actual type of insect on a singular leaf.

These insights help farmers to better manage crops around seed emergence, weeds, insect damage, nutrition deficiency, fertilizer top and side dressing, yield estimation, harvest priority and automated scouting.

Ofir Schlam, CEO of Taranis, commented on the update: “There is an enormous demand among farmers, and even leading agriculture retailers, for new technologies that can help streamline and improve the food production process.”

He added: “But those technologies can be complex to understand, and even harder to use. We hope that by bringing all of Taranis’ easy-to-use products and offerings under one roof, we can provide farmers with a better way to monitor their fields, allowing them to make informed decisions and act on them quickly.”

The enhanced platform has been streamlined for the hierarchy and work flow of the farming retail chain and integrate with Taranis’ partner companies, such as John Deere and Veris.

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