Team UAV expands operators inspection horizons with innovative solution


Team UAV has launched a new collision tolerant Dronecage to make confined space inspections and surveys more cost effective, higher quality, and available to all operators.

This week the UK-based drone inspection and survey company confirmed it is launching a confined space drone cage solution specific for the DJI Phantom 4 drone, the most widely used drone in the industry.

Dronecage is made from lightweight, advanced aerospace grade carbon fibre memory materials to allow for long flight times. It also has LED lights available and requires no extra training to be used.

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Lewis Pritchard, CEO of Team UAV, said: “We’ve been developing dronecage in response to the growing confined space and indoor drone inspection industry. Before Dronecage, the cost of carrying out these inspections and surveys were restrictive due to the high cost of associated drone equipment.

“Dronecage has completely changed the way confined space inspections are carried out by dramatically lowering the cost of the drone equipment associated with them, giving the user ultra-high quality data and making these types of tasks even safer by using familiar, user friendly equipment that requires no extra training to use.”

Team UAV has already seen a ‘significant increase’ in the amount of indoor and confined space inspections as a proportion of its business.

Pritchard added: “It is suffice to say, users of Dronecage can now provide higher quality datasets to their clients, safer and at a more competitive rate.

“This should really help drones come to the forefront of the confined space inspection & survey industry.”

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