Terra Drone Indonesia shows worth of aerial LiDAR in construction


Terra Drone Indonesia has successfully completed LiDAR surveying and mapping pilot projects for two construction companies in Indonesia.

As well as completing the work, the mapping projects acted as a demonstration to the construction companies of how drones can be beneficial.

Using the drones equipped with LiDAR technology, Terra Drone Indonesia carried out two survey-grade topographic mapping for two different dam construction projects in the country.

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The first was in Bogor, West Java, on a dam project. Terra drone covered almost 20 hectares a day to capture high-resolution images of the site to help with planning and measuring work in progress.

The second, in Central Java over a period of four days, was also on a dam project.

Terra Drone Indonesia carried out aerial LiDAR topographic mapping for a dam construction project in an area with dense vegetation to capture data and images for facilitating impeccable construction progress.

The firm was keen to show how LiDAR in construction can make difficult work in hard to reach area a lot safer and quicker.

Last week CDP reported on Terra Drone’s expansion.

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