Terra Drone welcomes delegates from over 20 countries at first global summit


Terra Drone’s global leaders gathered together as part of the company’s first global summit, welcoming delegates from over 20 countries in the process.

The three day Tokyo summit hosted representatives from Asia, South America, Africa, Europe, Canda, Australia and Russia.

CEO of Terra Drone, Toru Tokushige, opened the meeting with an energetic speech and highlighted the key projects and recent milestones achieved across the brand.

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Over the past 12 months, Terra Drone has expanded rapidly around the world.

Michael Siagian from Terra Drone Indonesia stated: “The global meeting was a good opportunity to meet members from around the world. I am excited for what’s coming next. I see the future drone business being huge in the global market.”

Terra Drone’s recent global branch expansion has seen investment in a number of complementary service and technology organisations.

Their merger strategy sees Terra Drone acquire 51% of a business and assign an employee to the newly acquired branch to provide support and drive its growth.

The freshly formed branches are then left to manage the business at their discretion, allowing them to best serve the interests of their local clients.

Terra Drone CEO, Toru Tokushige, stating that “our ultimate goal is to be the world’s leading start-up company in a new industrial domain.”

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