Terra Drone’s C-Astral fields mini UAS in “benchmark” trials


C-Astral, the Slovenia based integrator of small UAS and a member of the Terra Drone group, has successfully fielded its new mini UAS ATLAS C4EYE (Advanced Technology Light Acquisition/ATAK System).

In a series of closed trials, it has involved the cooperation of manned, unmanned and NATO JTAC assets.

The 2.6 kg blended-wing-body platform has been going through a flight and feasibility testing phase and is now entering the operational phase, with multiple procurement contracts being currently negotiated.

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C-Astral says the system is currently the most advanced mini UAS system in its category with more advanced capabilities than the industry standard.

The craft’s hull is also proofed to allow landing in water, due to the use of IP-67 rated connectors and seals across the UAV’s sections.

The system is capable of carrying multiple types of digital radio links, depending on the end-user and end-use.

The modular structure and advanced power management systems, flight control and emergency flight control termination and C-Astral’s own C3P command, control, communications and planning software enable it to be easily integrated in larger C4I and C2 systems as well as for flight in controlled airspace.

It can carry multiple ISR EO/IR combined payloads, with laser illuminator capabilities and several other imaging sensors with broad tactical use implications.

The ATLAS can fly up to 5 km above sea level and is aimed at applications in defense, security, civil, and critical industrial infrastructure.

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