Terrain Editing launches as Propeller Platform’s newest feature


Propeller has launched Terrain Editing, a new feature in the Propeller Platform.

The new capability has been designed to enable surveyors to edit out obstructions or inaccuracies on their site models like a fleet of vehicles, stockpiles, or bridges, ensuring accurate earthwork volume calculations.

As part of the announcement, Propeller said it hopes the platform can be used to help clean up the inefficiency in site data which is reportedly costing US businesses $177bn per year.

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It said that by using Terrain Editing in the Propeller Platform, worksites can reduce the data-cleaning process and avoid inflated volume measurements.

Rory San Miguel, CEO of Propeller, commented: “Having inaccurate project data is a pain point our customers face every day. Propeller’s focus is to arm our customers with the tools to increase accuracy and, ultimately, help them do their jobs more efficiently. While our automated terrain filtering feature removes a majority of unwanted objects from a survey, manual terrain editing is now an option for users who wish to take their surveys a step further.”

He added: “This new feature gives surveyors more control over their site data, making sure they can measure surface areas and volumes more accurately.”

Terrain Editing in the Propeller Platform also lets surveyors designate editing access and track terrain changes made by other users.

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