TerraView looks to get US industry off the ground with new American-made drone

TerraView RangePro_x8p

California-based TerraView has released a new American-made drone in a bid to boost the burgeoning US drone manufacture industry.

The US government has moves in recent months step away from the use of Chinese-made drones, which largely dominate the world market.

This has left a void for drone manufacturers from the rest of the world to fill, and TerraView hopes to step up to the plate with its new RangePro X8P Pixhawk American-made UAS.

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The drone is designed specifically for industrial, first responder and government enterprise data capture.

It comes with a more-than 70-minute flight time and a standard sensor payload.

TerraView also promises a longer overall life for the product compared to the original RangePro X8, as well as a lower operating cost.

“We designed the RangePro X8P based on US market and federal government demand,” said TerraView president Bruce Myers, “aligning with the American Security Drone Act of 2019. If this bill is passed it will ban federal departments and agencies from purchasing any commercial off-the-shelf drone or unmanned aircraft system manufactured or assembled in China or other countries identified for national security concerns.

“We have been working with suppliers in the US and other US partner countries to provide best-in-class technical solutions and components that allow us to manufacture one of the highest-performing commercial drones in the market today.” 

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