Texas personal injury firm uses drones for road traffic accident investigation and reconstruction


Texas personal injury firm Witherite has begun utilising drone technology from company Midwest UAS for the purposes of accident investigation and reconstruction.

UAV systems allow the company to visualise how a road traffic accident may have happened.

This can provide juries and insurance companies with a greater insight into how the collision occurred.

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The company said that drone technology will allow Witherite Law Group to deliver convincing, highly accurate, measurable, and near real-time aerial maps, video, and images that reflect conditions at the time of the accident.

Witherite Law Group founding partner and commercial truck accident lawyer, Amy Witherite, stated: “When we talk about why expertise matters in car and truck wrecks, this is what we mean.

“Jackie Reiser and her drone team at Midwest UAS will enable us to extend, enhance and grow our accident investigation expertise through technology.

“This expertise translates to a major advantage for our clients in our battle to ensure they receive the settlements they deserve.”

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