TOP TEN: Most popular drones used by UAV service providers on an industrial platform


DJM Aerial Solutions, a Middlesbrough-based commercial drone service provider, has ranked survey drones and revealed the nation’s top ten drones used by UAV service providers on an industrial platform.

The company has created a list of the top ten industrial drone technology that are commonly used by UAV service providers that help execute the client’s visual inspection routines.

The specialist’s top picks list can be found below.

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1. Asctec Falcon 8

The Asctec Falcon 8 is the original go-to choice for most of the big players in the UAV Inspection industry. Including Cyberhawk, Skyfutures, and Texodrone. It’s lightweight frame and payload options alongside its 8 rotors and ability to perform well in low GPS conditions are the reason this Industrial UAV technology is still a preferred option for many. However, its limited battery power is its downfall.

2. Intel Falcon 8 +

Exactly the same kind of industrial drone as its older brother with a few differences, smart batteries so no further requirement for balancing, it is also weatherproof unlike its older brother.

3. DJI Matrice 600

DJI’s M600 series is the long performing modular hexacopter. The beauty of the M600 is its multiple redundancies paired with the possible payload configurations where basically anything can be mounted within reason. The downside to the M600 is its weight and power requirements combined with its vulnerable electronics.

4. DJI Matrice 200

This industrial UAV although only a quadcopter is more than capable of competing with its contemporaries and generally wins. We are probably slightly bas as we own one but for good reason. The M210 RTK is the higher priced of the M200 series but all 4 are great for asset integrity inspection with the option to mount both thermal, standard and long-range RGB cameras to the machine. With options to mount either camera to the upper portion of the industrial UAV to allow for better inspection of an overhanging structure such as bridges or piperacks.

5. Acecore Neo

The Acecore NEO is possibly the Rolls Royce of the UAV world. Although not generally used for aerial industrial inspection and more along the lines of aerial film production, recently used on the set of Game of Thrones, the capabilities are there alongside its payload capabilities and slick airframe and should well be considered as a potential top ten competitor.

6. Sensefly Ebee

The Sensefly Ebee is a fixed-wing machine designed around mapping and spatial analysis professionals, due to its capability in some models of up to 55minute flight times. These machines are preferred amongst companies that have an interest and operate with BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) Covering as much ground as possible in a short space of time.

7. Flyability Elios

The Flyability Elios is a UAV developed around confined space inspection with its own crash frame allowing the user to perform close inspection inside tanks, boilers, under bridges etc. Whilst getting in close to critical areas and colliding with the surroundings without causing catastrophic failure of the machine. It also has the capability to carry out a thermographic survey using its onboard thermal camera.

8. Wingtra One

The Wingtra One is an RPAS developed around VTOL (Vertical Take of and Landing) and bridges the gap between multirotor and fixed-wing UAV’s allowing the fixed-wing UAV to take off from a landing pad but at the same time operate like a fixed-wing machine. With its 55minute flight times and its ground cover capability, this UAV is suited to spatial analysis and mapping professionals.

9. DJI Argas MG-1

DJI Argas MG-1 is a UAV that is specifically developed around the agricultural sector. The MG-1 is an octocopter designed for precision variable rate application of liquid pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides, bringing new levels of efficiency and manageability to the agricultural sector. The machine is becoming extremely popular in the south-east Asia area where targeted crop fertilising is tantamount to lean productions. Traditional methods of blanket fertilising create huge waste which in a hugely competitive industry is an area that benefits greatly from cost savings.

10. Freefly Alta 8

The Freefly Alta 8 is a high-end machine developed around the professional videographer but as with the NEO, it has the capability to carry several payloads, in essence, a modular UAV, very flexible in its usability, fairly highly priced but firmly positioned amongst the drones for inspection list.

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