Transport secretary to introduce new drone laws within months


Secretary of state for transport, Chris Grayling MP, has told the House of Commons that new drone laws will be introduced in the coming months.

Speaking yesterday afternoon, Grayling addressed the recent problems at Gatwick as something he felt his department needed to act on.

The new rules, which are expected to be implemented in May, set out to increase airport exclusion zones to 5km, from the current distance set at 1km.

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Police will be given more power when dealing with a potential threatening device and could be given the right to interfere with the movement of drones and inspect devices to ensure safety features had not been tampered with.

New regulation, set to be operational in November, will also enforce drone owners of devices weighing between 250g and 20kg to register and take an online drone pilot competency test.

The news follows weeks of speculation over what happened at Gatwick over Christmas after a senior Sussex Police officer suggested there may not have been a drone at all.

Despite later dismissing the comment as a ‘miscommunication’, leaders throughout the industry leaders have continued to question the legitimacy of drone claims and how events unfolded.

Since the event, police arrested a couple on suspicious of being the culprits behind the disruption, but subsequently released them without charge after being held, a move which was heavily criticised by the public for the way in which the pair were treated.

Police now say that despite having a long list of potential suspects, no arrests are imminent and still believe they have not found the drone in question.

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