Two collision deterrent companies join forces to create new innovation for safer skies

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uAvionix and FLARM Technology have inked a partnership deal to develop new developments in aviation technology.

The two companies have teamed up for a electronic conspicuity and Detect and Avoid solutions for manned and unmanned aircrafts.

uAvionix specialises in ADS-B, secondary surveillance radar transponders, and GNSS position sources for manned and unmanned aircraft, while FLARM focuses on situational awareness and active DAA solutions for general aviation and unmanned aircraft.

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Both companies offer products for installation and portable use together with modern display systems such as electronic flight bag applications.

“As the airspace becomes more and more crowded, it is increasingly important to integrate existing electronic conspicuity solutions into interoperable platforms. ADS-B and FLARM are the two dominating GNSS-based solutions in use today,” said Christian Ramsey, president of uAvionix.

Daniel Hoffmann, general manager FLARM Technology, added: “Combining Detect and Avoid and remote ID solutions for both manned and unmanned traffic will enable the safe and efficient integration of all traffic in the same airspace and keep the responsibility where it should be: with the pilot.”

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