UAE to trial ‘electric-shock drones’ to spark rainfall


The UAE has invested more than $1 million in tasking a team of UK scientists and engineers to develop a drone solution to induce rainfall in the Gulf.

The drones will deliver an electric charge into clouds causing water droplets to cling together and develop into rain drops.

The UAE already invests heavily in cloud seeding and this is the latest initiative designed to increase rainfall over the increasingly dry desert.

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Inducing rainfall is important in the UAE, where there is only 100mm of rainfall a year and where the vast majority of food is imported.

Scientists from the University of Reading are involved in the project.

Dr. Keri Nicoll, an associate professor at the University of Reading who is involved in the project, told Arab News: “If you emit a charge within a cloud, very quickly the charge will be gathered up by the water droplets.

“Our theory and modelling work has shown that charging these small droplets can increase the likelihood of them merging through electrostatic forces, and ultimately help them become raindrops.”

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