UAV experts unite to block illegal activity at Guernsey prison


A prison in Guernsey has become the first in the world to introduce a new security system designed to prevent the use of drones to deliver contraband.

A group of British UAV specialist companies have collaborated on the project and have installed a comprehensive perimeter protection package at Les Nicolles Prison, including the new Sky Fence.

The Sky Fence, which is a 600 meter shield around the prison, is able to detect the presence of unmanned aerial vehicles in the vicinity of the prison.

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Once the preventative technology has detected a UAV it then uses a series of disruptors to block its frequency, control protocols and divert it back to where it came from.

Nottingham-based company Drone Defence has worked on the idea in the past year. Founder and CEO, Richard Gill, said: “It disrupts the control network between the flyer and the drone.

“The drone then activates return to home mode and it will then fly back to the position where it had signal with its flyer.

“Someone described it as the final piece in a prison’s security puzzle. I think it could have a significant worldwide impact.”

Prisoner governor, David Matthews, added: “This is the first time this technology has been used in any prison anywhere in the world. I would like to see it adopted in other UK prisons because it has become a significant problem. This is about prevention.”

Drones have become a major security problem in Britain’s prisons and are increasingly used to smuggle in drugs, weapons, phones and other valuables.

Earlier this year Hatton MP Ester McVey petitioned parliament to implement signal blocks at UK prisons.

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