UAV firms invited to have their say as European Commission conducts consultation

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Members of the commercial drone sector have been invited to voice their opinions regarding the industry in a consultation being run by the European Commission.

The consultation, which is opening to the public in addition to members of the industry, asks for informed opinions and suggestions to help identify what are the potential growth areas, as well as what are the concerns that would need to be addressed by EU public intervention.

The results of this consultation will feed into the forthcoming delegated and implementing rules on drones and drone operations and possible future follow-up rules related to drones operations.

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The questionnaire concerns the civil use of drones for public use as well as recreational and commercial activity. The use for military purposes is not covered by the survey.

This public consultation follows a previous one conducted a few years ago by the European Commission on a policy initiative in the field of civil drones.

Due to the impact of the consultation, professional trade association for remotely-piloted aircraft and systems, ARPAS, has urged its members to fill out the survey.

The consultation can be found HERE.

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