UAV industry steps up the pace of innovation with influx of patents up 400%


Hardware manufacturers developing drones have been rushed of their feet to bring the latest innovations in UAV technology to the masses resulting in a spike in the amount of patents filled.

The Telegraph reported that an increase in the amount of businesses integrating drone technology into their day-to-day operations has led drone manufacturers to step up the pace of innovation.

According to data from the World Intellectual Property Office, the amount of patents filed for technology related to drones saw an increase of over 400% for the 2016-17 financial year to 5,301, compared to 1,242 the prior year.

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The publication reported that the organisation leading the way in patent applications is Ewatt Technology, which filed 110 patents.

While the R&D-driven organisation is currently a major player in its home nation China, it is currently looking to expand into new market territories and recently opened a global headquarters in Zurich.

Industry-leading UAV manufacturer, which has a strong toehold in both the commercial and consumer sector , DJI was also highlighted as one of the leaders in innovation, filling 49 patents over the financial year.

The organisation, which places R&D at the centre of its business plan, recently announced it was ramping up its focus on its commercial offering and trimming its prices to invite more enterprise users to adopt its technology.

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