UAV operating life increased by new main rotor blades

Main Rotor Blades

UAVOS has completed its tests of the new version of the main rotor blades for installation on helicopters with a take-off mass of 50 kg and a rotor diameter of 2600mm, a move which results in increased operating life.

It detailed that as a result of the modification, the aerodynamic stability of the blade has been improved, and wear resistance has been increased during flights in severe weather conditions, thereby the product’s operating life has doubled.

Commenting on the development, Aliaksei Stratsilatau, CEO, said: “Rotor blade tips spin at near sound speeds. And any object, whether it be dust, sand, grass, snow, ice chips, insects, etc. at such speeds, destroys the leading edge.”

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Adding: “The new design features upgrades resulting in improved performance envelope and reliability. This approach allows customers to run very lean maintenance programs that require only basic facilities.”

UAVOS rotor blades are made using the technology of hot molding of composite prepreg material – the technology of manufacturing the blade in a single press die operation.

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