UAV sector should still welcome consumers alongside more stringent regulations, claims industry expert

The UK’s unmanned aerial sector ought to be governed by smarter regulations, but this shouldn’t come at the expense of consumers taking to the sky, claims industry expert.

UAVAir, one of the UK’s leading CAA-approved drone training academies, has responded to claims that the UK’s airspace should be reserved for qualified professionals, stating that stricter regulations will allow consumers to share the air.

While the company acknowledges the safety issues that hobbyists present, it believes new pilots should not be discouraged and that if there were a more stringent set of governing restrictions they could safely co-exist with trained professionals.

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A recent TechRadar article addressed the debate, suggesting that hobbyists should be excluded from getting into the industry. But John Gore, UK operations manager at UAVAir said the issue wasn’t that clear cut.

The operations manager explained that, for many, amateur piloting is a gateway into the commercial sector and that discouraging hobbyists could have a detrimental effect on the industry.

Gore explained: “If we forbid amateurs from flying a drone at all, many talented pilots may be left undiscovered. In a similar way to how we have driving lessons and tests, we need to adopt a similar ‘starting point’ for drones, making entering the world of drones accessible but safe.”

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