UAVenture set to launch new vision-based guidance system with Daedalean


UAVenture and Daedalean have published a teaser video announcing a new guidance system for professional UAVs.

The system is called Magpie and provides AI-powered functions including vision based identification of emergency landing sites during flight, as well as visual navigation that helps sustain GPS outages.

The companies say Magpie is able to operate without pre-surveying of the area and recognise dynamic obstacles on the ground and is the result of the two companies collaborating 18 months ago.

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The product will be available soon for the users of AirRails, UAVenture’s flight control system for professional drones.

See the video here:

 Simon Wilks, co-founder & CEO of UAVenture, commented: “Safety First! Continuous advisory of landing spots during the flight that AirRails gets from Magpie is what makes any UAV mission finally safe for BVLOS in any environment. And the ability to sustain flight when the GPS signal is lost, jammed or spoofed, makes the Magpie-AirRails joint functionality unique on the market. I believe our customers will be eager to get the new system.”

Luuk van Dijk, founder and CEO of Daedalean added: “Magpie is going to be our first widely used product demonstrating the feasibility of autonomous flight control based on neural networks. This launch is an important milestone for Daedalean on its way to a certified autopilot for personal electric aircraft.”

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