uAvionix partners with Event 38 Unmanned Systems in reselling and integration agreement


Event 38 Unmanned Systems has entered into a collaborative agreement with uAvionix.

The partnership has been set up to resell and integrate uAvionix and ADS-B products with Event 38 aircraft.

Now, UAS and manned aircraft equipped with uAvionix ADS-B transceivers can track each other electronically while in flight.

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ADS-B transceivers like the Ping2020, which is small enough for Event 38 drones, receive and transmit information about air traffic such as location, altitude, and speed.

When a uAvionix ADS-B transceiver is integrated with an Event 38 aircraft, operators can see the locations of manned air traffic overlaid directly on their ground station display.

The companies say this capability improves both operator and pilot situational awareness, so operations near manned aircraft can be performed with an added level of safety.

Jeff Taylor, president at Event 38 commented: “Our prediction is that the FAA will require ADS-B as part of its eventual integration of unmanned aircraft into the NAS.”

He added: “By partnering with uAvionix to offer this capability, we hope to make it easier for our customers to obtain Part 107 waivers now and to build flight heritage for future changes in regulation.”

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