uAvionix SkyEcho 2 EC devices cleared for unrestricted transmission in the UK


uAvionix’s SkyEcho Electronic Conspicuity (EC) devices will shortly be cleared by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to transmit ADS-B data on 1090MHz, when carried in an aircraft also operating a 1090MHz transponder, including Modes A, C, and S.

The clearance was publicised in an Air Information Circular (AIC) released on December 19.

SkyEcho is an approved EC device under the CAA’s CAP 1391. 

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CAP 1391 was produced as a result of a CAA led project to develop a new industry standard for low-cost devices for use on light aircraft, to make them conspicuous to other airspace users.

Sky Echo 2 is a standalone, battery powered EC device, one of a limited number of such devices that fully meets the standard set by CAP 1391.

Commenting on the approval, uAvionix President, Christian Ramsey, said: “This pragmatic decision by the UK CAA is very welcome.  We have worked closely with the UK regulator in developing and testing this technology, and have adhered closely to the CAP 1391 standard because we believe ADS-B is the only truly credible solution for GA electronic conspicuity, as this gives the widest possible compatibility with commercial, military, and GA systems worldwide.”

Adding: “Now that pilots can use their SkyEcho to transmit as well as receive ADS-B, they are making themselves visible to the vast majority of other airspace users. Flight safety will be greatly enhanced as a result and the risk of collisions will be significantly reduced. The UK CAA is to be congratulated for taking a positive stance on EC and we hope that other European regulators will follow suit when they see the benefits and lack of negative impact in the UK.”

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