UAVOS introduces LiDAR Mapping UAV at Las Vegas show


UAVOS has announced the unique UVH-25EL unmanned helicopter, specially designed for commercial industries and data capturing applications using LiDAR system as an all-in-one 3D mapping device.

Fully automatic, compact and lightweight the UVH -25EL is equipped with an electric engine unit and features a flight endurance of up to 1.5 hours when mounted with a payload of 5 kg.

UAVOS describes the UVH-25EL as an ideal platform for highly accurate Light Distance and Ranging (LiDAR) sensing capabilities with integrated high resolution cameras, dramatically increasing the precision, efficiency and cost effectiveness of surveying and 3D mapping.

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Aliaksei Stratsilatau, UAVOS CEO, said: “We have been putting a lot of effort, time and resources to meet the expectations of the broader geospatial industry. The UVH-25EL is truly an advanced UAV for serious geomatics professionals in the construction, land development, engineering and geomatics trades.”

Adding: “We’re going to make partnerships with leading LiDAR manufacturers to provide the clients with an all-in-one 3D mapping solution. The partnerships with developers of LiDAR systems will allow us to complement our UVH-25EL unmanned helicopter offer with a coverage of aerial photography and 3D elevation data, as well as more specialist capture including thermal surveys, LiDAR.”

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