UAVOS performs successful trials of HAPS ApusDuo

ApusDuo 10 km

UAVOS has performed a series of successful flight trials with High Altitude Pseudo Satellite (HAPS) ApusDuo testing the unique control system.

Test flights for the ApusDuo programme confirmed that UAVOS’s type of control allows aircraft with a large wing elongation to fly in unstable atmospheric conditions.

The ApusDuo aircraft successfully copes with turbulence, actively changing the bend of the wings.

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In general, the total flight time of UAVOS solar powered test aircraft is more than 1000 hours with test flights taking place at an altitude of up to 62 feet (19,000 m).

Aliaksei Stratsilatau, CEO and lead developer at UAVOS, explained: “These successful trials represent a new significant milestone in the ApusDuo programme, confirming a flight endurance in unstable atmospheric condition results. In the coming days we will check all engineering data and outputs and start the preparation of additional flights planned for this year.”

Adding: “UAVOS has recently become a member of the HAPS Alliance. This industry association includes the world leading companies from the telecom, technology, and aviation industries, sharing a common goal of accelerating the commercial adoption of HAPS technologies. The commercialization of HAPS technologies is something that requires the coordinated efforts of multiple industries.”

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