UAVs snap up key role in fire fighting industry

Drone and accessories supplier Dronefly has revealed that the application of unmanned aerial vehicles in fire fighting is on the rise, according to new statistics.

The California-based company released an infographic detailing the increase of drone deployment in fire-related emergencies.

Despite the first drone deployment to assist with a fire taking place on March 6, the company reported that $881m (£658m) could be spent globally to combat fires.

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A spokesperson for the company commented: “Being first on the scene to a chaotic fire scene can be an overwhelming task as the team tries to get a better understanding of the current situation at hand.

“With a drone, a Battalion chief can quickly make an assessment of a situation from all angles with optical and thermal cameras from which the best decision on how to proceed can be made. Drones are the future of assisting public safety officials do their job more efficiently and more cost effectively.”

Dronefly also noted that in Northern America, 69 of the 347 public safety agencies that purchased UAVs between 2009 and 2017, were fire departments.

While there are no equivalent statistics currently available for the UK, it has been reported that the nation is developing its emergency aerial response.

While drones are currently being used by police forces, with Scotland’s force recently announcing plans to introduce UAVs and a cyber-hub to carry out manhunt operations, they are also deployed to monitor events, such as the Lincoln Christmas market.

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