UAVs to play part in growth of aerial imaging as market expected to reach nearly £3bn by 2024

The Intel Falcon 8+ drone inspects Santos’s Moomba hydrocarbon

Drones will play a part in the growth of the aerial imaging industry, as research expects the market to be worth nearly £3bn by 2024.

The study done by KBV Research shows how at a market growth of 13.8% CAGR over the next six years, the industry will be worth £2.8bn.

It found how cameras mounted on drones and other air vehicles such as helicopters and balloons are the driving the industry.

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Aerial imaging is used in different industry verticals such as civil engineering, research, security and agriculture.

Advanced technologies such as GIS (geographic information system), LiDAR systems, and 360-degree vision cameras would add to the opportunities in the market.

This announcement follows separate research by MarketsandMarkets, which predicted how the small drone industry is also set to take off in the coming years, and could grow to a worth of £30bn by 2025.

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