UCLAN, Coptrz, Sellafield and Drone Prep come together to take part in a live debate on June 10th on what can be done to tackle social acceptance of drones


Hear how Royal Mail are utilising drones for the UK’s first mail delivery on June 10th, 6 pm BST

It’s no secret that the public perception of drones isn’t good for the industry. Research carried out by PwC showed that less than a third of the UK public feel positive about drones. In this live debate, you’ll have the chance to explore the future of drone technology – what can people in the industry do to make sure drone adoption has a future?

The UAV industry is rapidly expanding globally, bearing enormous potentials for economic growth, jobs and innovation. As more companies latch on to the possibilities of drone technology, including Amazon and Royal Mail, the technology is slowly becoming more accepted.

However, this isn’t all about Drones for Good. COPTRZ and UCLAN will be proposing a series of questions to generate an honest and open discussion. This is your chance to put across your questions live to our panel of experts and learn about the drone industry as it is today.

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As part of the Aerial Uptake project, the University of Central Lancashire recently received £1.8 million to provide specialist drone technology, related research, and developmental support to small and medium-sized enterprises across Lancashire. 

The Trust and Tech debate will bring together regional authorities and key players of the drone industry to exchange and transfer knowledge. The project aims to increase the social acceptance of UAV technology by enhancing and articulating positive social impacts.

Darren Ansell, Professor of Aerospace at the University of Central Lancashire commented: “The industry faces some unique challenges within the EU, caused by a lack of unified European standards and a fragmented landscape of regulatory bodies and policies, as well as limited knowledge, awareness and low level of public acceptance of this emerging technology. AERIAL UPTAKE brings together local/regional public authorities of the UAS sector from 6 European regions, being pioneers in the creation of a single European drone market.

Save your seat for the Trust and Tech? Debate now: https://coptrz.com/aerial-uptake-webinar-sign-up/

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