UK Drone Show: Apprentice star and SkyFade director thinks drone market is now beginning to take off


Alex Finn, former Apprentice star and current director of SkyFade, took to the stage at this week’s UK Drone Show to describe how he expects the drone market to continue to grow over the coming year.

As the first speaker of the day in the main auditorium at the NEC, Finn told guests how the UK has already seen a dramatic uptake in CAA approved PfCO courses, something he anticipates will continue.

He told Drone Show attendees: “To put a scale on where this industry is going, back in 2010 only five people got a permission from the CAA and now we are at almost 5000 already this year.”

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He continued: “We are at 4793 at the moment and I am convinced that by the end of this year we will hit the 5000 mark and that just shows how many more pilots and more people are and will be involved in the industry.”

In addition to the growing number of people getting professionally involved in the industry, Finn went on to describe just what that means economically for the market.

He said: “According to recent reports, the drone industry is expected to add another 628,000 jobs to the UK with that number adding £42bn to GDP by 2030. To put that into perspective, the British telecoms industry is worth £30bn.”

Finn added: “This growth will benefit other sectors also, with oil and gas, agriculture, transport and construction already reaping the rewards of growing drone technology and as time goes on, more and more industries are getting involved and discovering how drones can benefit them.”

Since being fired from The Apprentice this year in week four, Finn, a former IT analyst, has returned to being at the forefront of his aerial and ground photography firm, SkyFade.

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